Monthly Archives: December 2013

Paste makers—listen to a handyman

I’ve been hanging wall-paper long enough to be able to say with some conviction that the number of rolls it says you can hang on EVERY SINGLE packet of paste I ever buy is always overstated.
I don’t know why:
1) Maybe I use too much paste …buy hey I want the paper to stick and spreading it on one molecule thick isn’t going to work me thinks.
2) Do the paste makers compete to convince you theirs hangs more rolls than a competitor’s product?
3) And why wouldn’t they understate the number of rolls hung anyway get you to buy more paste?
4) Paste is so cheap compared with the cost of the wallpaper and the person possibly employed to hang it why not just give a sensible estimate and ensure:
a) you buy enough and don’t have to go back for another sachet and
b) you mix up enough to finish the job in one go instead of mixing enough for 3-4 rolls (as it says) only to find it only does 2 rolls and you have to make another mix.