Decorating tip

Everyone has their own decorating tips, here’s one of mine.
Window reveals can be a pain to wallpaper when three faces effectively come together.
The vertical wall inside a room above a window turns under to meet the top of the window frame while at each side of the frame, the wall turn inwards the meet the frame. At both top corners there is a three-way ‘meet’ so it is impossible to make patterns look consistent.
The easiest way it to treat the top part of the reveal as a bit of ceiling and paint it white (or the same colour as the ceiling). Wallpaper on the inside wall (above the window) then just has to be trimmed flush at the bottom edge where the paper would ordinarily turn under.
The wallpaper needs to be stuck down well on this face in case the drawing of curtains catches and lifts a join in the paper but a much more satisfactory look will be achieved especially with patterns or stripes.
Note: The wallpaper still turns inward at each side of the reveal to meet the window frame.
As a matter of course I just do it this way and if I am ever questioned I simply say it is the more modern way it is done and it also give better light into the room.
Clients just accept this without question and I honestly believe it look much neater.

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