I had to laugh when this invitation arrived by post today! It was not so many years ago that this Guild were so selective in their membership they wouldnt have wanted Handymen. Thanks to all the good work of our members and our Guild in promoting the skills and benefits of The Handyman, they suddenly want us know!

Sorry, but no thank you! The Guild of Handymen’s for me

Guild of Master Craftsmen


  1. They’ve never invited me!
    I think they do some good in raising standards but they’re biggest problem is trying to be all things to all men (and women).
    If you consider ‘workwear hire companies’ and ‘adhesive manufactures’ among those members you also consider to be ‘Master Craftsmen’ then you just end up devaluing the whole concept. And those who actually do have a valuable skill are lost among the medley of much more ordinary folk.